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The image of an entity is in his path, his contributions to the social development and in consequence to a prestige reached across an effort jointly. It is here where the power of the image can transform in an efficient instrument of communication depending on the essence itself of values and aims(lenses).

Image 9 offers an important range of services that across the visual arts, will allow to renew and to optimize the development of your image as governmental, educational, private, medical entity, etc It Brings over of IMA9INE


Areas of activity


We realize diverse artistic works for interiors and exteriors; from a wall Renaissance Italian type, up to an infantile mural. We study your case and let's sense beforehand a wide variety of options and materials to solve ,your) concrete needs. We offer a service complete and personalized from the design of the project up to the execution of the same one.

Official and private entities, residences, universities and colleges, hospitals, banks, companies, hotels, clubs, malls, offices, restaurants, shops. We guarantee the exclusivity of the work, maximum taken care at the moment of operating, obtaining this way, a unique product on the market.

  Products and Services:                            

1.-Murales fixed or transferable painted, reliefs, mosaics, digitals murals.

2.-Paintings ,historical, classic and modern and reproductions on request.

3.- Classic or modern sculptures, Busts and medallions.

4.- Decorative design, reliefs for fronts and interiors.

5.-Creative Design , illustrations, front pages(fronts), posters, logos, coats of arms.

6.-Portraits, classic or modern painted in: oil, acrylic &pastel.

7.-Consultancy, evaluation and restoration in works of art,

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